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In 1982, Kathi Bonamici Vidrine and her three daughters found themselves in the coastal community of Lake Charles, Louisiana, through an act of unexpected fate. With very little money,  no friends or family in the area, and a strong will for survival, Kathi developed an unrelenting dream for success. She recognized being an entrepreneur was God’s calling in her life, even though she had very little know-how in the business. She was sure her passion and work ethic would supersede her inadequacies. Therefore, she took a chance and began her journey as a businesswoman in the shrimping industry, first, in Leesville, La.  Because Leesville was a city known for being friendly to peddlers, she commuted there daily to sell her shrimp supply on the side of the road. Her bubbly personality, integrity, and genuine love for humanity won her the respect of the public. “Kathi, the Shrimp Lady” had become a staple in the business community.  As her reputation grew stronger, her business followed suit. She enlisted the support of her Brother Billy Bonamici to help her manage the overwhelming growth.  To supply the demand, they purchased a shrimp dock and purchasing plant, in Hackberry, LA. Napoleonic Law and restrictions plagued the growing business, eventually landing her before the Supreme Court. To the delight of the community, she emerged victorious. Years later, William “Bill” Vidrine, a local fisherman, joined Kathi in her journey. Being a leader in the seafood  industry, Bill used his experience and knowledge of the business to accelerate the growth of Steamboat Bill’s  Seafood Market. Later, they opened two locations for Steamboat Bill’s in Lake Charles, LA. (Lakeshore Drive & Martin Luther King Hwy). Sticking to a firm business model, working long hours, and focusing on delivering a quality product, these two were unknowingly creating a brand that has withstood the test of time.  The success of Steamboat Bill is credited to God, our loyal customers, our hard-working staff, the founding family, and most importantly the roadside peddler’s dream of Katherine Vidrine.  With the support of everyone involved in the journey, Steamboat Bill’s has gained the reputation that it maintains in the restaurant industry. With multiple locations emerging throughout the south, the growth of the franchise is being realized. The excitement is overwhelming and the possibilities are endless.​ With much ❤️ --The Steamboat Bill's Family

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